We highly value tolerance, transparency, openness and honesty. At the same time discretion and trust are also highly important to us.

We have a few rules that we would like to inform you of:

The equipment is only suitable for use for a maximum of 120kg. For personal and equipment damages from usage of equipment with a higher weight than allowed, the guest is liable. Hidden offers some high-quality, useful toys to play, like whips, bondage material and more. Please bring your own personal toys like gags, clamps or penetration toys for hygiene reasons.

For reasons of discretion for our neighbours and also for future guests, we kindly remind you that entering and leaving the apartment is only allowed in civil clothing. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

A change of partner, extra persons and visitors (even those who do not stay overnight) are not permitted. Non-registered guests irrelevant of “just visiting” or “popping in to say hello” or staying overnight will be charged at 100€ per calendar day.

Safety and hygiene have a very high priority for us and our future guests. Please take note that wet play (urine), Coprophilia (usually know as scat or caviar) and any persons entering the apartment under the age of 18 years are strictly not permitted. Not adherence to these conditions will result a penalty of 200€ and is non-negotiable!

Check in
Check in is at 18.00 punctually on the day of your booked arrival. We are not a hotel with a permanently manned reception desk therefore any deviation of the check in time is associated with additional expenditure of our personnel and can only be confirmed via previous communication (email) with us (please see the above point “Cleaning”). A delay at check in causes significant extra time and effort for our check in personnel or in some cases, even a second journey with an extra time delay of 1,5 hours. A delay and a subsequent late fee of 50€ will be invoiced to guests and can lead to a much later re-scheduled check in time for the guest depending on each individual situation. This also applies for any other check in time that has been previously agreed upon with the hosts (e.g. late or early check in).

Check-out / Cleaning
Check out time is 12:00. Due to our thorough end-cleaning, a late check-out as well as an early check-in is only available with prior consultation and communication with us. Please kindly take this into consideration when planning your arrival and departure. For these very reasons, we cannot confirm a late check-out during your stay but at the latest one day before your arrival.

Reservation / Payment
You can reserve your stay at Hidden conveniently through our Webpage and pay with credit card, PayPal, bank transfer or cash on arrival. Please note that your reservation is only binding on receipt of partial payment (20% of invoice total).

Security deposit
The security deposit amounts 600 Euros and needs to be paid by cash at the hand-over of keys or in advance with credit card, PayPal, bank transfer. The security deposit will be repaid at the day of the check-out on the same way.

In the unfortunate event that you have to cancel your stay, please note that the following cancellation fees apply:

4 weeks before your arrival date that cancellation fees are 100%.
With a cancellation more than 4 weeks before your arrival date, your down payment is used as the cancellation fee.

Sometimes, life gets in the way of our plans through third parties or illness, therefore cancellation insurance is advisable. In order to cover cancellation costs, there are a number of insurance agencies online with inexpensive offers who specialise in cancellation insurance.

The cancellation is to be sent via email to (info@hdden.net) from the email account from which the booking request was made. Please include your name and the dates of your booking. We (the hosts) reserve the right to cancel any current booking with special reason, e.g. water or fire damage, insolvency or other reason. In the case of such a special situation, the guest will naturally be reimbursed the payment for the cancelled dates.